Future Stage

Futuristic stage with accesories. Includes a Morphing Stage in 2 versions (one empty and one ready to use with spotlights and accesories already placed). 2 different Spotlight props, Cold Spark Machine, Speaker and 2 morphing Platforms also included. -What’s Included:Morphing Stage (empty)Morphing Stage (demo setup with speakers, spotlights and sparkle machines already placed)Morphing Cold Spark MachineMorphing Round LightMorphing and Poseable SpotlightMorphing square PlatformMorphing round Platform 8 color materials for the spotlight beams8 color materials for the floor light beams8 color materials for the aditional led lines at some objects3 screen materials2 white color materials for the stage1 default material for … Continue reading Future Stage

Ninja Obstacle Course

NINJA OBSTACLE COURSE by apcgraficos 39 Props to create obstacle courses like the ones from Sasuke, Kunoichi and Ninja Warrior tv shows. -What’s Included:Barrier, Bridge of blades, Buzzer, Chain, Circle, Cliffhanger, Crossbar1, Crossbar2, Half-pipe, Log, Log grip, Net,Padding, Plank, Platform, Ramp, Rolling hill, Rope, Salmon ladder, Scaffolding, Scaffolding square, Scaffolding big,Spider jump wall, Spider walk, Spotlight, Step, Swimming pool, Swing, Top platform, Trampoline, Transparent panel,Truss, Truss Corner, Truss padding, Truss structure 1, Truss structure 2, Truss structure 3, Truss structure 4,Warped wall. -Features:Poseable Barrier, Buzzer, Salmon Ladder, Spotlight and Trampoline.Morphing Circle, Cliffhanger, Logs, Net, Padding, Plank, Platform, Ramp, Rope, Scaffolding, … Continue reading Ninja Obstacle Course

Classic Cartoon Props

14 props often seen in classic cartoons. Recreate the most famous and funny scenes of your favourite characters or make new ones. Tested only for Poser. Some of the props may not work properly at Daz Studio. -What’s Included: Anvil, Balloon, Balloon Bundle, Bomb, Cake, Cannon, Detonator, Dynamite, Dynamite Pack, Mace, Magnet, Rocket, Shotgun and Morphing Platform with Wheels. Morphs and features: Balloons: Inflate, Cord Length, Cord Sides, Deform, Remove Cord. Bomb: Remove Wick, Wick Length. Cake: Story 1, Story 2, Details Remove, Simple, Tray Remove, Tray border, Wobble. Canon with movable barrel and wheels: Length, Back Shorter, HoleSize, Wick … Continue reading Classic Cartoon Props

Future Furniture

16 Modern and functional furniture and decoration props with lots of morphs and transformation options. FOR POSER, some props won’t load properly at Daz Studio. A very versatile set, for sci-fi or just modern decorations. Create households, shops, bars, space ship interiors… -What’s Included: 2 Cabinets, Chair, Framed Picture, Lamp, 2 LED strips, control Panel, Sliding Door, Holographic Projector, 2 Shelves, 5 Sofas, 4 Tables, 2 Walls, Window. No prebuilt scenes included. -Features: Pictures in the projector, frame and control panel can be replaced with any image. Morphs and posing dials: Chair can be transformed in office chair, bench, rocking … Continue reading Future Furniture

Steampunk Props

19 Props to create Steampunk and Teslapunk scenes + 1 Morphing gear with hundreds of combinations. What’s Included: Morphing Gear, Beam, Boat Window, Boiler, Door, Dynamo, Pipe corner, Pipe Long, Pipe Short, Pipe with Valve, Pipe Small, Steam Engine, Switch 1, Switch 2, Tesla Coil, Wall Panel, Window Arch, Big Window, Small Window, Roof Window. Download at Renderosity STEAMPUNK PROPS .OBJ VERSION: Buy .obj files bundle at TurboSquid (25% off) Buy Boiler .obj file at TurboSquid Buy Dynamo .obj file at TurboSquid Buy Steam Engine .obj file at TurboSquid Buy Tesla Coil .obj file at TurboSquid Continue reading Steampunk Props

Event Structures

34 Props to create indoor and outdoor event scenes. Create concert stages, fashion runways, exhibitions, sport competitions… What’s Included: ·34 Props Banner, Beam, Bleachers, Column Round, Column Square, Column Structure, Curtain, Door, Fence Big, Fence, Metal Pole Round, Metal Pole Square, Panel Framed, Panel, Platform Big , Platform Round, Platform Small, Railing, Red Carpet, Spotlight, Stage Big, Stage Large, Stage Ramp, Stage Small, Staircase Big, Staircase Spiral, Staircase, Structure Corner, Structure Square, Structure, Tent, Velvet Rope, Wall with door, Wall. ·2 Textures for the floors (Default or smooth white). Features: Poseable Spotlight Poseable Door Wall with morphs to change size … Continue reading Event Structures

Cyberpunk Props

19 props for your Cyberpunk and futuristic themed scenes. Control Panel, Chair, Desktop, Door, Gun, Machinegun, Monitors, Server, Cables, Tubes, Wires, Buttons… -Features: Desktop with morphs to adjust the size. Chair with morphs to adjust size and position. Door with Open/Close morph. Server with posable door. Wire with morph to make it look cut. Includes 27 material files (pz2 and mt5) Buy at Renderosity Continue reading Cyberpunk Props

Hardcore Wrestling Props

HARDCORE WRESTLING PROPS by apcgraficos 20 props seen in Wrestling TV shows. What’s Included: -Barrier -Baseball Bat -Baseball Bat with Barbed Wire -Ringside Bell -Bench -Briefcase -Broom -Chain -Chair -Champion Belt -Hammer -Ladder -Ring Ladder -Shinai (Kendo practice sword) -Shovel -Table -Trash Can -Wall -Water Bottle -Weights (small) -Weights (Two hands) RING NOT INCLUDED -Features: Bench, Briefcase, Chair, Table, Trash Can and Water bottle include morph to make them look beaten. Chair, Table and Ladder include morph to open and close. Champion Belt include morphs to adjust and to be unfastened. HARDCORE WRESTLING PROPS by apcgraficos 20 props seen in … Continue reading Hardcore Wrestling Props

Shopping Mall Construction Set

Figures and props to build a shopping mall or any kind of shop or business. What’s Included -Figures with movable parts: Automatic Doors, Door, Emergency Exit, Shop Entrance. – Props: Beam, Bench, Bin, Column (detailed), Column (simple), Counter, Exterior Wall, Floor (big), Floor (l small), Floor (large), Floor (small), Glass, Planter, Planter (empty), Planter (island), Railing, Scalators, Shelf, Sign, Signboard, Stand, Storefront 1, Storefront 2, Wall (detailed), Wall (simple) Textures: Concrete, Granite, Tile, Exterior floor, Ceiling. Shop sign textures: Arcade, Books, Burger, Candies, Donuts, Electronics, Fashion, Games, Girls Clothing, Info, Music, Outlet, Pizza, Sports, Toys. Buy at Renderosity Continue reading Shopping Mall Construction Set