Tractor and Backhoe

Tractor/Backhoe with morphs and accesories. -What’s Included: ·Tractor in 3 versions: Tractor, Tractor with loader/lift and Backhoe. ·7 Materials (Pose .pz2 and Material .mc6). ·Plow Prop. ·Snow Plow Prop. -Features: ·Moving parts controlled by parameter dials: -Wheels turn -Wheels (and steering wheel) steering -Doors open/close -Mudguards (remove) -Front Loader (2 parameters) -Digger (5 parameters) -Hydraulic Supports -Transform Loader shovel into Lift -Change digger shovel size Note for Daz Studio Users: The tractor can be used in Daz Studio but some parts must be repositioned manually after moving them with the parameter dials. Plow and Snowplow doesn’t load properly as smartprops … Continue reading Tractor and Backhoe

Custom Bike

Customizable chopper bike with morphs and textures. -What’s Included: ·1 Custom Motorcycle ·44 Pose and Material files to customize details ·14 Metal color Pose and Material files -Features: ·22 Morphs to change the look of the bike Change handlebar height, seats shape, fenders, gas tank… ·3 different Headlights ·2 different Tail Lights ·3 different Rims ·Posable Kickstand Attention: Daz Studio Users should adjust handlebar position slightly when it turns. Buy at Renderosity Buy at Turbosquid (obj file) Buy at CGTrader (obj file) Continue reading Custom Bike

Audi quattro

Highly detailed car with props and materials. A very useful addition to your runtime: It’s not just another car, it can be used as a regular street car, sports car, racing car, rally car, in 80s and 90s themed renders and much more. It will look perfect in city, mountain, snowy or sandy scenarios, drifting downhill or at a high speed chase at the autobahn 😉 -What’s Included: ·1 3d car (Audi quattro). ·27 Paint materials. ·4 Interior Materials. ·2 tones of decals. ·2 Types of Headlights. ·3 Dashboard materials. -Features: Doors, Hood and Trunk can be opened and closed. … Continue reading Audi quattro

Video Game Controllers

Video game controllers: Gamepad, Joystick, Arcade joystick and Steering wheel with pedals, gear shaft and E-brake. Original size (big) and character size versions (scaled). 8 material colors (pose .pz2 and material .mt5 versions) 4 light colors (pose .pz2 and material .mc6 versions) 5 material groups (pose .pz2 and material .mc6 versions) Buy at Renderosity Continue reading Video Game Controllers

Sand Buggy

Sand Buggy with poseable wheels, steering wheel, pedals, gear shaft, hand brake and engine details.. Body textures can be applied to the wheels and details too. Included: 6 full textures (.mc6 and .pz2 versions) 2 detail textures (.mc6 and .pz2 versions) 25 extra materials for poser (.mt5) Buy at Renderosity Buy at TurboSquid (obj file version) Sand Buggy Expansion also available: Props and textures to upgrade your Sand Buggy. Transform your Sand Buggy into a Police Car, an Assault Vehicle, a Rescue Vehicle, a Racing or Tuned car, and much more… What’s Included: Props: Axe and Shovel, Doors, Fog Lights, … Continue reading Sand Buggy