Mascot Costume

Mascot Costume with morphs and lots of customization options. Standalone rigged figure, no base figures are needed.Create your own mascot for theme parks, sports, or any other events. -What’s Included:Morphing Mascot Costume (Rigged Character)Morphing Cloack PropMorphing Ears PropMorphing Eyes PropMorphing Nose PropMorphing Tail Prop18 textures (Bear, Mouse, Blue character, Brown Bird, White default, Green (Turtle or similar),Grey, Grey Female, Heavy Metal Dinosaur, Brown animal, Red Parrot, Human, Cute Pink Female, White Animal, Tiger,Cute White, Female White, Yellow. Features:Mascot Morphs:Female bodyPressed bodyThinTallTailAngleNeck ThicknessFeet LengthFeet RoundedFeet Shape25x Head and face morphs Includes resources to create your own textures easily combining layers with … Continue reading Mascot Costume

Dainty Frilly Bikini

Dainty and feminine bikini with ruffles. Cute and girlish, yet a bit skimpy. Includes extra textures to transform it into lingerie. POSER ONLY. This product does NOT work properly at DAZ Studio (Déjà vu). Sorry for the inconvenience. -What’s Included: ·Two Pieces Bikini (separated top and bottom)·Textures (.pz2 pose and .mc6 material versions)·Extra Lingerie Textures (.pz2 pose and .mc6 material versions)Morphs: Included Textures: 10 Bikini Colors10 Border Colors10 Bikini Frill Colors 8 Lace Colors8 Embroidered Lingerie Colors8 Lace Frill Colors Remove All RufflesRemove Interior LiningRestore Interior Lining Buy at Renderosity Continue reading Dainty Frilly Bikini

Dodgeball Armor and Poses

Sports armor with bodysuit textures plus free smart ball prop, for V4, A4, Girl4, etc. Not a regulation Dodgeball gear, just a fantasy interpretation. It can be used in many other contexts such as american football, canadian football, lacrosse, hockey, LFL, fantasy sports, fantasy and futuristic renders… What’s Included (Armor): ·Fantasy Sports Armor with morphs and 10 textures ·Detached shoulder Pads with 5 texture variations ·Bodysuit textures in 9 colors .Free Ball prop with 6 textures 24 poses (22 + 2 new versions) plus free smart ball prop, for V4, A4, Girl4, etc. Useful for other sports such handball, and … Continue reading Dodgeball Armor and Poses

Fabric Textures

102 Fabric materials for Poser + 1 Invisible material to delete parts. Transform all the clothes and accessories from your runtime. Materials included: 12 Cotton colors, 4 Denim colors, 8 Granite colors, 10 handmade Lace colors, 10 Lace colors, 10 Leather colors, 8 Nylon colors, 9 PVC colors, 10 Silk colors, 9 Spandex colors, 3 Tartan (plaid) colors & 9 Wool colors. -Includes an “invisible” material to make parts dissapear or to shorten sleeves, skirts or trouser legs -All the materials include a customizable version to create new colors. -Create uniforms and costumes, modify all your runtime, change the look … Continue reading Fabric Textures