Event Structures

34 Props to create indoor and outdoor event scenes. Create concert stages, fashion runways, exhibitions, sport competitions… What’s Included: ·34 Props Banner, Beam, Bleachers, Column Round, Column Square, Column Structure, Curtain, Door, Fence Big, Fence, Metal Pole Round, Metal Pole Square, Panel Framed, Panel, Platform Big , Platform Round, Platform Small, Railing, Red Carpet, Spotlight, Stage Big, Stage Large, Stage Ramp, Stage Small, Staircase Big, Staircase Spiral, Staircase, Structure Corner, Structure Square, Structure, Tent, Velvet Rope, Wall with door, Wall. ·2 Textures for the floors (Default or smooth white). Features: Poseable Spotlight Poseable Door Wall with morphs to change size … Continue reading Event Structures

Borgward B 611 Food Truck

Classic Van (Borgward B 611) and Food Truck version. -What’s Included: ·Borgward B 611 Van ·Borgward B 611 Food Truck Version (1 normal version + 1 version equipped with kitchen) ·8 color textures ·3 detail textures ·10 themed textures: Breakfast Burguer Chinese Food Hot Dogs Ice Cream Italian Food Japanese Food Mexican Food Pizza Spanish Food -Features: Morphs and adjustment dials: Van: 2 door open/close dials. 2 window open/close dials. 2 rear open/close dials. 2 front logo remove dials. Wheel roll dial. Wheel steering dial. 3 different cabin separation option dials. Roof height dial. Kitchen: Morph to change the microwave … Continue reading Borgward B 611 Food Truck

Dodgeball Armor and Poses

Sports armor with bodysuit textures plus free smart ball prop, for V4, A4, Girl4, etc. Not a regulation Dodgeball gear, just a fantasy interpretation. It can be used in many other contexts such as american football, canadian football, lacrosse, hockey, LFL, fantasy sports, fantasy and futuristic renders… What’s Included (Armor): ·Fantasy Sports Armor with morphs and 10 textures ·Detached shoulder Pads with 5 texture variations ·Bodysuit textures in 9 colors .Free Ball prop with 6 textures 24 poses (22 + 2 new versions) plus free smart ball prop, for V4, A4, Girl4, etc. Useful for other sports such handball, and … Continue reading Dodgeball Armor and Poses

Tractor and Backhoe

Tractor/Backhoe with morphs and accesories. -What’s Included: ·Tractor in 3 versions: Tractor, Tractor with loader/lift and Backhoe. ·7 Materials (Pose .pz2 and Material .mc6). ·Plow Prop. ·Snow Plow Prop. -Features: ·Moving parts controlled by parameter dials: -Wheels turn -Wheels (and steering wheel) steering -Doors open/close -Mudguards (remove) -Front Loader (2 parameters) -Digger (5 parameters) -Hydraulic Supports -Transform Loader shovel into Lift -Change digger shovel size Note for Daz Studio Users: The tractor can be used in Daz Studio but some parts must be repositioned manually after moving them with the parameter dials. Plow and Snowplow doesn’t load properly as smartprops … Continue reading Tractor and Backhoe

Cyberpunk Props

19 props for your Cyberpunk and futuristic themed scenes. Control Panel, Chair, Desktop, Door, Gun, Machinegun, Monitors, Server, Cables, Tubes, Wires, Buttons… -Features: Desktop with morphs to adjust the size. Chair with morphs to adjust size and position. Door with Open/Close morph. Server with posable door. Wire with morph to make it look cut. Includes 27 material files (pz2 and mt5) Buy at Renderosity Continue reading Cyberpunk Props

Custom Bike

Customizable chopper bike with morphs and textures. -What’s Included: ·1 Custom Motorcycle ·44 Pose and Material files to customize details ·14 Metal color Pose and Material files -Features: ·22 Morphs to change the look of the bike Change handlebar height, seats shape, fenders, gas tank… ·3 different Headlights ·2 different Tail Lights ·3 different Rims ·Posable Kickstand Attention: Daz Studio Users should adjust handlebar position slightly when it turns. Buy at Renderosity Continue reading Custom Bike

Hardcore Wrestling Props

HARDCORE WRESTLING PROPS by apcgraficos 20 props seen in Wrestling TV shows. What’s Included: -Barrier -Baseball Bat -Baseball Bat with Barbed Wire -Ringside Bell -Bench -Briefcase -Broom -Chain -Chair -Champion Belt -Hammer -Ladder -Ring Ladder -Shinai (Kendo practice sword) -Shovel -Table -Trash Can -Wall -Water Bottle -Weights (small) -Weights (Two hands) RING NOT INCLUDED -Features: Bench, Briefcase, Chair, Table, Trash Can and Water bottle include morph to make them look beaten. Chair, Table and Ladder include morph to open and close. Champion Belt include morphs to adjust and to be unfastened. HARDCORE WRESTLING PROPS by apcgraficos 20 props seen in … Continue reading Hardcore Wrestling Props