Adventure Props

Morphing Backpack with 10 survival items
+ extra zipper and load loop props.

-What’s Included:
Morphing Backpack, Binoculars, Compass, Flare, Flashlight, Glow Stick, Knife, Lighter, Map, First Aid Kit (Box Only), Sunglasses.
Extra cargo loop and zipper for the backpack.

Fully customizable Backpack with open/close morphs.
Compass needle can be rotated.
Flare with removable cap.
Flashlight with 2 morphs to change its appearance.
Knife with 4 morphs to change its shape and sccabard with open/close morph.
Lighter with working button and removable cap.
Loop with 2 morphs.
Map with 3 morphs to fold
First Aid Kit with open/close morph and zipper on/off
Sunglasses with 7 shape morphs and 1 morph to fold them.
Extra Zipper has poseable parts

Backpack Morphs:
Handle Stretch
Straps Angle In
Straps Angle Out
Straps Front/Back
Straps Up/Down
Straps Loose
Straps Separation
Load Loops Position
Load Loops On/Off
LoadStraps On/Off
Zippers On/Off
Pack1 On/Off
Pack2 On/Off
Pack3 On/Off
Load Loops On/Off
Lining Correction
Lining On/Off

Backpack packs :
Load Loops On/Off
Zippers On/Off

Backpack Side Packs:
LoadLoops On/Off

Buy at Renderosity

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