Off-road for any vehicle


SUV and props to modify any vehicle from your Runtime.

-What’s Included:

·Morphing SUV
·Morphing Roll cage
·Morphing Wheel
·14 Props
Square Fog Light (With accesories)
Round Fog Light (With accesories)
Hi-Lift Jack (Poseable)
LED Light Bar
Roof Rack
Rubber Clamp
Sand Ladder
Snorkel (Morphing)

Morphs and adjustment dials:

2 door open/close dials
Hood open/close dial
Rear window open/close dial
Tailgate open/close dial
Back seats on/off dial
Dial to transform SUV into a Pickup

Roll cage:
4 Dials to move suspension (and wheels) up and down independently
Dial to steer
Dial to change all rims
Dial to change size of all wheels
Dial to enlarge front
Dial to enlarge back
Dial to lift the car
Bumpers On/Off Morph
Front Bullbar Angle Morph
Front Bullbar Position Morph
Front Bullbar On/Off Morph
Rear Bullbar On/Off Morph
Bumpers Light Protection On/Off Morph
Roll Cage Sides On/Off Morph
Roll Cage Top On/Off Morph
Roll Cage X bar On/Off
Roll cage Front Frame On/Off Morph
Roll Cage Frame On/Off Morph
Roll Cage Size Morph
Roll Cage Width Morph
Roll Cage Height Morph
Roll Cage Front Angle Morph
Roll Cage Engine Protection Morph
Rear Roll bars On/Off
Side Steps Size Morph

5 Rim models controlled by a dial
Tire Size Morph
Screws On/Off Morph
Tire Tread Morph

Fog Lights:
Cover with On/Off Dial
Protection Grid with On/Off Dial

Front Angle Morph
Lateral Angle Morph
Fender Angle Morph
Lenght Morph
Tube Side Morph

Buy at Renderosity

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