Tractor and Backhoe

Tractor and Backhoe

Tractor/Backhoe with morphs and accesories.

-What’s Included:
·Tractor in 3 versions: Tractor, Tractor with loader/lift and Backhoe.
·7 Materials (Pose .pz2 and Material .mc6).
·Plow Prop.
·Snow Plow Prop.

·Moving parts controlled by parameter dials:
-Wheels turn
-Wheels (and steering wheel) steering
-Doors open/close
-Mudguards (remove)
-Front Loader (2 parameters)
-Digger (5 parameters)
-Hydraulic Supports
-Transform Loader shovel into Lift
-Change digger shovel size

Note for Daz Studio Users:
The tractor can be used in Daz Studio but some parts must be repositioned manually after moving them with the parameter dials.
Plow and Snowplow doesn’t load properly as smartprops in Daz studio, they will need to be scaled, repositioned and parented.

Buy at Renderosity

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