Dainty Frilly Bikini

Dainty Frilly Bikini

Dainty and feminine bikini with ruffles. Cute and girlish, yet a bit skimpy. Includes extra textures to transform it into lingerie.

POSER ONLY. This product does NOT work properly at DAZ Studio (Déjà vu). Sorry for the inconvenience.

-What’s Included:

·Two Pieces Bikini (separated top and bottom)
·Textures (.pz2 pose and .mc6 material versions)
·Extra Lingerie Textures (.pz2 pose and .mc6 material versions)Morphs:

Included Textures:

10 Bikini Colors
10 Border Colors
10 Bikini Frill Colors

8 Lace Colors
8 Embroidered Lingerie Colors
8 Lace Frill Colors

Remove All Ruffles
Remove Interior Lining
Restore Interior Lining

Buy at Renderosity

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