Parkour Poses

Parkour Poses

51 Parkour, Free Running and acrobatic poses. For Michael 4.2 (results may vary slightly when applied to Hiro, The Freak…)

Poses Included:
Cartwheel, Cat Crawl, Cat Leap, Cat Pass A, Cat Pass B, Cat Pass C, Crouching, Dash Vault, Drop, Flag, Flip A, Flip B, Flip C, Flip D, Frontal Lache, Gap Jump 1, Gap Jump 2, Handstand, Hurdle Jump, Jump, Jumping, Lazy Vault,Looking Up, Momentum, Muscle-up, Precision Jump A, Precision Jump B, Precision Jump C, Precision Jump D, Reception,Reverse Vault, Rocket, Roll A, Roll B, Roll C, Roll D, Running 1, Running 2, Scissor Vault, Tic-Tac 1, Tic-Tac 2, Turn Vault, Vault 1, Vault 2, VAult 3, Vertical, Wall Flip A, Wall Flip B, Wall Hop 1, Wall Hop 2, Wallrun
Same pose set is available for V4 at the Marketplace

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