Cooperative Poses

Cooperative Poses

Description: 53 poses to create 27 cooperative actions with 2 of your favorite Victoria4-based characters. Some of the poses can be used individually too. For Victoria 4.2 (results may vary slightly when applied to Aiko, Stephanie, The Girl…)

Poses Included: Basketball A, Basketball B, Carrying A, Carrying B, Fight A, Fight B, Gimme5 A, Gimme5 B,Helping A, Helping B, Helping Climb A, Helping Climb B, Holding A, Holding B, Horse A, Horse B,Hugging A, Hugging B, Hugging Pose A, Hugging Pose B, Jumping A, Jumping B, Leaning on Back A, Leaning on Back B,Leapfrog A, Leapfrog B, Picture A, Picture B, Rescue Breathing , Rescue Breathing CPR, Rescue Breathing Victim, Running A, Running B, Shaking Hands A, Shaking Hands B, Sitting A, Sitting B, Sitting Back to Back A, Sitting Back to Back B,Sitting Pic A, Sitting Pic B, SuperKick A, SuperKick B, Training Abs A, Training Abs B, Training Box A, Training Box B,Two Kisses A, Two Kisses B, Unconscious Arm Carry A, Unconscious Arm Carry B, Victory A, Victory B

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