Anime Fighter Poses

Anime Fighter Poses

48 fighting poses inspired by anime and videogames.
Fighting, launching energy balls, flying…

Poses included:
Covering, Elbow, Energy Ball 0,Energy Ball 1A, Energy Ball 1B,Energy Ball 1C, Energy Flash A, Energy Flash B, Energy gun A, Energy gun B, Flying Backwards, Flying Forward, Flying Kick A, Flying Kick B, Flying Punch A, Flying Punch B, Flying Punch C, Flying, Genki Ball, Guard 1, Guard 2, Guard 3, Guard 4, Hit 1, hit 2,Jump Kick, Kamehameha 1A, Kamehameha 1B, Kamehameha 2A, Kamehameha 2B, Kamehameha 3, Kick 1A, Kick 1B, Kick 2A, Kick 2B, Kick 3A, Kick 3B, Knee, Low Kick, Punch 1A,Punch 1B, Punch 2, Punch 3A, Punch 3B, Punch Jump, Standing, Super Power, Super Warrior.

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