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  • Magazine Poses

    August 31, 2021 by

    21 Poses for Victoria 4 inspired by the pics at magazines. Designed to show off clothing, accessories and characters.Created for Victoria 4.2 (results may vary slightly when applied to Aiko, Stephanie, The Girl…) -What’s Included:Total 21 Poses including:Back, Balancing, Confident, Dress Back, Hat, Holding Jacket, Holding Strap, Interesting, Jacket Wall, Showing Object, Sitting Bench,Sitting Cross Legs, Sitting Leaning Back, Sitting on Floor, Standing Bag, Standing Frontal, Standing Posing, Step, Tree,Turning, Wall Leaning. Buy at Renderosity Continue reading Magazine Poses

  • Motorized Unicycle

    July 6, 2021 by

    Motorized Unicycle with morphs. -Morphs:Change between an Electric or an Internal Combustion setup.Add/Remove Front Bumper.Add/Remove ScreenAdd/Remove Footrest bar for passengerAdd/Remove WindshieldAdd/Remove Handlebar GaugesFender ShapeModify Air intakes (x4)Handlebar ShapeHandlebar Angle Buy at Renderosity Buy at Turbosquid (.obj file) Buy at CGTrader (.obj file) Continue reading Motorized Unicycle

  • Cruise Ship

    May 7, 2021 by

    Simple Cruise Ship model designed to be used as part of the background.Includes Cruise Ship Prop, 3 materials for the outside and 4 ambient materials to change the light effect through the windows.Flag can be changed directly by any image file. Buy at Renderosity Continue reading Cruise Ship

  • Ferrari Testarossa

    May 7, 2021 by

    Highly detailed Ferrari Testarossa 3D model for Poser. One of the most mythical super sport cars of all times. Create awesome renders with this style icon from the 80s and 90s. -Includes:Ferrari Testarossa with moving doors, hoods, wheels, steering wheel and pop-up lights.8 Paint materials: Ferrari Red, Rosso Corsa (Racing Red), Modena Yellow, Tour de France Blue, Mugello Green, Polo White, Black and Nurburgring Silver.3 Leather materials. -Features:Dial to control wheels and steering wheel direction.Dial to open and close the Pop-up Lights.Dial to show or hide an Extra rear Spoiler.Highly detailed interiors and engine bay.Doors, hoods, wheels and steering wheel… Read more Continue reading Ferrari Testarossa

  • Mascot Costume

    October 16, 2020 by

    Mascot Costume with morphs and lots of customization options. Standalone rigged figure, no base figures are needed.Create your own mascot for theme parks, sports, or any other events. -What’s Included:Morphing Mascot Costume (Rigged Character)Morphing Cloack PropMorphing Ears PropMorphing Eyes PropMorphing Nose PropMorphing Tail Prop18 textures (Bear, Mouse, Blue character, Brown Bird, White default, Green (Turtle or similar),Grey, Grey Female, Heavy Metal Dinosaur, Brown animal, Red Parrot, Human, Cute Pink Female, White Animal, Tiger,Cute White, Female White, Yellow. Features:Mascot Morphs:Female bodyPressed bodyThinTallTailAngleNeck ThicknessFeet LengthFeet RoundedFeet Shape25x Head and face morphs Includes resources to create your own textures easily combining layers with… Read more Continue reading Mascot Costume

  • Future Stage

    October 16, 2020 by

    Futuristic stage with accesories. Includes a Morphing Stage in 2 versions (one empty and one ready to use with spotlights and accesories already placed). 2 different Spotlight props, Cold Spark Machine, Speaker and 2 morphing Platforms also included. -What’s Included:Morphing Stage (empty)Morphing Stage (demo setup with speakers, spotlights and sparkle machines already placed)Morphing Cold Spark MachineMorphing Round LightMorphing and Poseable SpotlightMorphing square PlatformMorphing round Platform 8 color materials for the spotlight beams8 color materials for the floor light beams8 color materials for the aditional led lines at some objects3 screen materials2 white color materials for the stage1 default material for… Read more Continue reading Future Stage

  • Super Low Poly Vehicles

    July 6, 2020 by

    36 .obj Low Poly Vehicles (from just 65 polygons to 553 max) with very detailed textures.Includes .jpg texture files plus .png versions with transparent background to easily change colors. -What’s Included: 4×4vertices: 500edges: 852polygons: 354 Backhoevertices: 604edges: 1024polygons: 435 Buggyvertices: 536edges: 916polygons: 384 Busvertices: 520edges: 892polygons: 374 Cabriovertices: 536edges: 918polygons: 386 Caravanvertices: 272edges: 464polygons: 195 Compactvertices: 500edges: 852polygons: 354 Compact 4×4vertices: 620edges: 1056polygons: 438 Compact Sportsvertices: 526edges: 901polygons: 378 Coupevertices: 500edges: 852polygons: 354 F1vertices: 61edges: 124polygons: 65 Forkliftvertices: 532edges: 900polygons: 376 Golf Cartvertices: 552edges: 932polygons: 385 Limousinevertices: 500edges: 852polygons: 354 Loadervertices: 572edges: 976polygons: 412 Lowridervertices: 500edges: 852polygons: 354 Luxury Sedanvertices:… Read more Continue reading Super Low Poly Vehicles

  • Tough Femme Poses

    June 30, 2020 by

    50 action poses For La Femme. Inspired by action movies and comics: fighting, shooting, jumping, taunting, etc.Including:2 Guns, Blocking x2, Bullet Time x3, Climbing, Clothesline (Wrestling move), Drop Kick, Elbow Hit, Explosion Jump,Fighting, Free Fall, Guard, Hands Up!, Receiving Hit x2, Hitting with bat, Holding Weapon (Machine Gun), Jumping Gap, Kick x3,Knee, Let’s Fight, Lifting something heavy, Martial Arts Weapon, Pointing Gun x2, Punch x3, Punch Dodge, Ready to Fight, Running,Sitting x3, Slap, Speed Vault, Squatting, Stop, Sweep Kick, Sword, Throw, Thumb Down, Thumb Up, Walking, Won’t Pass, You are Finished. This pose set is also available for Victoria 4… Read more Continue reading Tough Femme Poses

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