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  • Steampunk Props

    October 30, 2019 by

    19 Props to create Steampunk and Teslapunk scenes + 1 Morphing gear with hundreds of combinations. What’s Included: Morphing Gear, Beam, Boat Window, Boiler, Door, Dynamo, Pipe corner, Pipe Long, Pipe Short, Pipe with Valve, Pipe Small, Steam Engine, Switch 1, Switch 2, Tesla Coil, Wall Panel, Window Arch, Big Window, Small Window, Roof Window. Download at Renderosity STEAMPUNK PROPS .OBJ VERSION: Buy .obj files bundle at TurboSquid (25% off) Buy Boiler .obj file at TurboSquid Buy Dynamo .obj file at TurboSquid Buy Steam Engine .obj file at TurboSquid Buy Tesla Coil .obj file at TurboSquid Continue reading Steampunk Props

  • Fashion Catalogue Model Poses for V4

    October 30, 2019 by

    26 Poses from real Fashion Catalogues, for Victoria 4 (including Aiko, The Girl, etc.). With flat shoes and high heels versions (26×2 totaling 52 .pz2 files). Elegant and casual poses, very useful to display clothing, shoes and accesories or just to show off pretty V4 characters. Poses Included: Arm Up, Back, Casual, Delicate, Dress Back, Dress, Elegant, Hair Side, Hand on Hip, Hands on Hair, Hip Side, Hips, Jewels, Knee Front, Leaning on Wall, Leg Lift, Looking Back, Playful, Rear Pocket, Shoes, Sitting, Studied, Talking, Turning, Waist, Walking Download at Renderosity Continue reading Fashion Catalogue Model Poses for V4

  • Off-road for any vehicle

    October 30, 2019 by

    OFF-ROAD FOR ANY VEHICLE by apcgraficos SUV and props to modify any vehicle from your Runtime. -What’s Included: ·Morphing SUV ·Morphing Roll cage ·Morphing Wheel ·14 Props Axe Extinguisher Square Fog Light (With accesories) Round Fog Light (With accesories) Hi-Lift Jack (Poseable) Jerrycan LED Light Bar Roof Rack Rubber Clamp Sand Ladder Shackle Shovel Snorkel (Morphing) Winch -Features: Morphs and adjustment dials: SUV: 2 door open/close dials Hood open/close dial Rear window open/close dial Tailgate open/close dial Back seats on/off dial Dial to transform SUV into a Pickup Roll cage: 4 Dials to move suspension (and wheels) up and down… Read more Continue reading Off-road for any vehicle

  • Kung Fu Uniform

    October 30, 2019 by

    2 Pieces Kung Fu Uniform in male and female versions, both with and without buttons. Includes detached Frog Button. Includes basic UV maps (.jpg). -Included: ·7 .obj files: -Male Jacket -Male Jacket Without buttons -Female Jacket -Female Jacket Without Buttons -Frog Button ·1 UV map Buy at Renderosity Buy at TurboSquid (Obj files) Continue reading Kung Fu Uniform

  • Light Plane

    October 25, 2019 by

    Light Plane with morphs and moving parts, with regular undercarriage and seaplane setup. Poser only (Daz Studio is not compatible) What’s Included: Light Plane (4 seats Cessna style) with seaplane floats or regular undercarriage & high or low wing positions. 3 different textures for the body and 2 interior colors (24 material files). -Features: Wheel undercarriage or floatplane/seaplane floats with a morph. Moving Flaps, ailerons, elevators and ruddder. Moving pedals, yokes and throttle quadrant levers. Doors can be opened and closed. Cowl flaps and exhaust can be repositioned. Morphs and dials: Landing gear type Propeller type (2 or 3 blades)… Read more Continue reading Light Plane

  • 24 Form Tai Chi Poses

    October 23, 2019 by

    Poses based on the 24-posture simplified form of Tai Chi, for Victoria 4 and Michael 4 (also Aiko, The Girl, Hiro, etc.). What’s included: 26 unique poses for Victoria + reversed or mirrored versions when needed and 3 versions of the “Ward Off” pose, totaling 42 .pz2 files. 26 unique poses for Michael + reversed or mirrored versions when needed and 3 versions of the “Ward Off” pose, totaling 42 .pz2 files. Pose List: Commencing Parting Wild Horse’s Mane (Left and Right) White Crane Spreads Wings Brush Knee (L and R) Playing the Lute Repulse Monkey (L and R) Grasp… Read more Continue reading 24 Form Tai Chi Poses

  • Dainty Frilly Bikini

    October 6, 2018 by

    Dainty and feminine bikini with ruffles. Cute and girlish, yet a bit skimpy. Includes extra textures to transform it into lingerie. POSER ONLY. This product does NOT work properly at DAZ Studio (Déjà vu). Sorry for the inconvenience. -What’s Included: ·Two Pieces Bikini (separated top and bottom)·Textures (.pz2 pose and .mc6 material versions)·Extra Lingerie Textures (.pz2 pose and .mc6 material versions)Morphs: Included Textures: 10 Bikini Colors10 Border Colors10 Bikini Frill Colors 8 Lace Colors8 Embroidered Lingerie Colors8 Lace Frill Colors Remove All RufflesRemove Interior LiningRestore Interior Lining Buy at Renderosity Continue reading Dainty Frilly Bikini

  • Event Structures

    October 6, 2018 by

    34 Props to create indoor and outdoor event scenes. Create concert stages, fashion runways, exhibitions, sport competitions… What’s Included: ·34 Props Banner, Beam, Bleachers, Column Round, Column Square, Column Structure, Curtain, Door, Fence Big, Fence, Metal Pole Round, Metal Pole Square, Panel Framed, Panel, Platform Big , Platform Round, Platform Small, Railing, Red Carpet, Spotlight, Stage Big, Stage Large, Stage Ramp, Stage Small, Staircase Big, Staircase Spiral, Staircase, Structure Corner, Structure Square, Structure, Tent, Velvet Rope, Wall with door, Wall. ·2 Textures for the floors (Default or smooth white). Features: Poseable Spotlight Poseable Door Wall with morphs to change size… Read more Continue reading Event Structures

  • Borgward B 611 Food Truck

    October 6, 2018 by

    Classic Van (Borgward B 611) and Food Truck version. -What’s Included: ·Borgward B 611 Van ·Borgward B 611 Food Truck Version (1 normal version + 1 version equipped with kitchen) ·8 color textures ·3 detail textures ·10 themed textures: Breakfast Burguer Chinese Food Hot Dogs Ice Cream Italian Food Japanese Food Mexican Food Pizza Spanish Food -Features: Morphs and adjustment dials: Van: 2 door open/close dials. 2 window open/close dials. 2 rear open/close dials. 2 front logo remove dials. Wheel roll dial. Wheel steering dial. 3 different cabin separation option dials. Roof height dial. Kitchen: Morph to change the microwave… Read more Continue reading Borgward B 611 Food Truck

  • Dodgeball Armor and Poses

    October 6, 2018 by

    Sports armor with bodysuit textures plus free smart ball prop, for V4, A4, Girl4, etc. Not a regulation Dodgeball gear, just a fantasy interpretation. It can be used in many other contexts such as american football, canadian football, lacrosse, hockey, LFL, fantasy sports, fantasy and futuristic renders… What’s Included (Armor): ·Fantasy Sports Armor with morphs and 10 textures ·Detached shoulder Pads with 5 texture variations ·Bodysuit textures in 9 colors .Free Ball prop with 6 textures 24 poses (22 + 2 new versions) plus free smart ball prop, for V4, A4, Girl4, etc. Useful for other sports such handball, and… Read more Continue reading Dodgeball Armor and Poses

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